At PBJ Marketing, we do Paid Media management a little differently. We could tell you, like many digital advertising agencies, we put a strong focus on measuring results and improving performance in order to ensure a maximum return on investment. But we’d prefer to talk about the unique approach to bottom-line growth, depth of Pay-Per-Click (PPC) knowledge, and track record of success that sets us apart.

For one, we’re proud to have a team of fully certified PPC aficionados under our belt. Our core team of full-time PPC experts, two creative shops, and three development partners gives us and our clients 24/7, 360° support.

We’re also proud to represent client partners in a variety of B2C, B2B, and non-profit industries, including professional services, e-commerce, super PACs, food and beverage, high-fashion, real estate, and manufacturing. No matter the industry or years of experience, we help all companies evolve and respond to the changing needs of their markets.

For another, we know PPC management comes with its fair share of complexities. In order to create PPC campaigns that outperform the competition, we take proactive, round-the-clock monitoring measures and web analytics seriously.

PPC aka Google AdWords

Got a brand new website and need a way to instantly get your site on search results pages? Or has your site been around for a while but still hasn’t received any love from Google? Or is the hottest season for sales in your company just around the corner, but you don’t know the quickest path to success?

One way to achieve that is through SEO, but the time SEO requires to get ranks organically onto search result pages is not something the impatient would love.SEO may also not be suitable for a campaign running short on time or businesses that have time bound advertising needs.

If you have a marketing objective that requires immediate visibility, then Google AdWords™ PPC is your best bet.

It is the quickest way to put your website in front of your audience via Google Search and Display Networks.

Since its launch in 2002, Google AdWords™ has grown into the largest advertising platform on the Internet. With over 80 percent of all searches done on Google, it provides a huge base of potential buyers for your product or services.

Advantage of Google AdWords™

  • It can be instantly setup – In less than 24 hours* you can get started with a Google AdWords PPC campaign and see ads showing for the keywords most important to you
  • PPC campaigns allow you to advertise your website to users who are searching for words related to your business; making such campaigns highly targeted ones
  • Cost effective, as you only have to pay when someone clicks on your ad
  • Extreme measurability – A vast database of intelligence is made available with an AdWords campaign that can be utilized to fine tune and ensure highest ROI

WHOA, Isn’t it a DIY thing?

Sure, if you have a small scale campaign it’s possible to set it up with little understanding of Adwords. But AdWords management is an evolving and demanding skillset that requires experience to ensure no waste is being created. Even a small error in setting up – it could be the selection of keywords, exclusion of negatives, wrong ad copy, or perhaps a wrongly targeted landing page – can quickly burn through your budget and drastically drop the ROI of your campaign.

How Digital Success can make a difference?

  • Certified Team of Adwords professionals to set up your campaign after understanding your business in depth, thus allowing them to create a powerful, custom campaign
  • We use the best, proven and most dynamic industry practices
  • We will ensure conversion optimization by recommending and implementing changes by using: landing page optimization, call tracking to refine targeting, keywords, banners, and ad copy
  • Weekly or Monthly Dashboard reporting with easy to understand insights